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TAAV Vapor Pro Vaporiser

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Product description

Pure steam Vaporiser by Taav Vapor PRO, helps in relieving nasal congestion and symptoms associated with croup, cold, bronchitis and influenza. This steam from this device, acts lubricant to restrict irritation and break up congestion in the head, lungs & bronchial tubes

Features of Taav Vapor Pro

  • Double wall insulation of the water reservoir for added protection. 
  • Safety double pole cut out switch turns the electrical supply off to the unit when removing the element from the water reservoir.
  • A night light and safety light, allows for easy detection in a dark room and also shows when the unit is plugged in and operating. 
  • Hard and soft water regulator.
  • A steam deflector has been added to ensure a regular outflow of steam

Usage directions

  • Position Vaporizer on a flat, stable surface.
  • Twist top in an anti-clockwise direction and pull out to fill tank. (Twist firmly as this is designed to be childproof.)
  • Place 1 TAAV cleaning tablet in the tank and fill with water. Only fill the inner bowl
  • Once you see the red marker appear the unit is full. Max of 4.0 litres
  • Replace heating unit (it will click into place in a clockwise direction)
  • Pour Vaporizer fluid into Medication chamber (Plug unit into power supply. Ensure cord is fully unravelled. Red light will come on.)


Keep out of reach of children, always unplug device after application and during cleaning. If the supply cord is damaged, the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person must replace it in order to avoid a hazard. If the water level indicator is broken it can be replaced by contacting the manufacturer. Water will escape from the seam of the outer bowl only if it is overfilled or when it is turned upside down to be emptied. This is a safety feature not a design fault.  Any water trapped in the outer bowl will not change the efficiency of the Vaporizer. The appliance has been designed and manufactured to operate as a Vaporizer in the home. Any other use is considered inappropriate and dangerous.

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