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Go2 Energy Inhaler Stick Single Unit

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$9.96 inc GST


GO2 LIVE LIFE: Get your stick and power up. These innovative inhaler sticks are for everyone who needs a natural performance boost. Reach for these before a run, the big game, or when you're feeling a tad rundown from a busy day. Reset and go!


PURE, HIGH-QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS: GO2 controls and checks the geographical origin of each plant, the distillation process, and of course the essential oil itself. Only the best goes into a GO2 blend.


LIVE LIFE: This all-natural athletic and mental recharge can help when you're feeling sluggish. The benefits are scientifically proven. Includes eucalyptus, peppermint and and lemongrass to reduce fatigue and help you perform when it counts.


EASY TO USE: This long-lasting stick makes essential oil use simple and fun. All you have to do is remove the cap and inhale gently to receive the awesome benefits of your favourite stick!


MADE IN BRITAIN: GO2 was created in the UK and is manufactured by a British company. When you purchase and use GO2 inhaler sticks in your daily life, you are supporting local, premium products

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