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Castelbel Diffuser Lavender 100ml

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Oil-based fragrance diffuser containing natural essential oils, carefully made to elegantly fragrance and personalise any room. It does not contain alcohol and, therefore, evaporates slowly.

Displayed in a signature bottle hand blown in Portugal by glass artisans, exclusively for the brand, it includes a stopper made of cork that should be extracted in the same way as a cork in a wine bottle (that is, by rotating it).


  • Natural reeds included
  • 100ml in glass bottle
  • Travel Safe
  • Made in Portugal

Mode of use:

Insert reeds into the bottle to absorb the perfume and begin to diffuse the aroma throughout the room. Invert reeds every 2-3 days, when saturated or to refresh and intensify fragrance.

Expected duration: 2 to 3 months.

Precautions for use: Do not swallow. Do not get liquid in eyes, on skin or on clothing.